Network Analysis

The network analysis shows various results. It was tested through it’s weight, its relevance towards each other and how well each story connected. Some stories share a direct connection with each other butt all in all, each story is undirected with each other. Each text has it’s own quality to it that made it special. There are also other texts that are within the same bounds of each other through style and various similarities such as themes or story line.

When observing the impact that the weight has on each story or text, we can see that it is all undirected. Each story has its connection to the weight but there is no direct correlation between the texts. What caught my attention are the lines; some lines are longer than others and some lines are shorter than others. This could mean a relative closeness between texts or a relative closeness between the weight and the correlation of the text. Network analysis allows us to see how texts correlate between each other but there is never a definite answer to what the overall diagnosis is. It is easy and simple to show that based on the picture below, each text is undirected. They have no correlation between one another.

When looking at the correlation between the source and the target, they have a single strand of communication within each node, but there is no directed or continued communication between each node and text. One example that was proven correct was the correlation between Troy and Iliad. Troy and Iliad are different stories but they are both texts from Greek mythology and some of the characters and events cross one another. Another guess as to what might bring the two together is the correlation between authors; the author might be the same as well as ideas. Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Cinderella are all correlated within the same spot. I found this interesting because the idea of true love, princesses and princes are all themes and tropes of these texts. Some results baffle me such as why The Jungle Book and Peter Pan are correlated with each other towards one spot and why are they not separated.

This project has raised lots of questions about analyzing texts but it is also helping readers understand and search further within investigating texts.