Course Reflection

In the beginning of the semester I thought this class was something that I’ll never understand because I’m not good with working a computer. I think during this semester I learned to have a lot of patience with understanding  new ways to learn how to look at a text. It wasn’t easy but I learned not to give up because after a while it started to make sense after I continued to look over my notes. I think I really enjoyed looking at network analysis because of the nodes and edges. When creating my network analysis from my collection of written texts, I’ve realized that I had a lot of nodes that carried a lot of weight compared to the other nodes. A lot of what we learned is going to stick with me because it traumatized me in a good way. Now I actually want to learn more about the text and the author that I’m reading about. I also think R Studio was fun to use when I was using my corpus. This class was an amazing experienced and I’ll never forget it.