Topic Modeling

Topic modeling was not easy for me to understand because I did not really understand what I was looking at. The pie chart coupled together with the excel data sheets helped me though and it made more sense once I realized that the contributions for corresponded to the topics and I could use the excel sheet with the topic words to figure out what was the topic. It also meant that when looking at the pie chart I now knew what I was looking at.

The contribution for topic 1 takes up the most space in the pie chart, its in a dark red color. Its topic words are america, world, economy, years, workers, home, end, americans, protect, states. From looking at just the topic words I’m guessing this could be about ensuring that americans can keep up with the world economy and have job back here at home. This is just a wild guess of course. Its interesting to note that in Barack Obama’s 2012 speech topic 1 takes up almost half the pie chart. Topic 1 is also a big part of Obama’s 2011 speech and Donald Trump’s 2019 speech.

Topic 2 is the second largest contributor to the pie charts. This one was harder to guess the topic for. The topic words for topic 2 are americans, year, system, family, states, president, put, small, set, stop.  I’m guessing its a topic that has something to do with the president doing something for american families in the states , something that either he will stop or set in motion, maybe set standards for.

Topic 3 ‘s words were american, congress, support, today, tax, long, tonight, work, state, strong. Topic 3 was easier to decipher , I believe it pertains to the president talking directly to congress that night of the address, to convince them to support some tax law designed to potentially make more jobs for the states, and in doing so make the state stronger.

Topic 4 ‘s words were world, health, country, budget, people, children, good, plan, peace, crime. This topic could be about either world peace or about keeping children safe and healthy. It could be referencing to statistics of crime or our healthcare system as compared to other countries. either way it seems like there is a plan involved thats supposed to be good for the country

Topic 5’s words were years ,make, children, tonight, schools, child, lives, opportunity, ago ,parents. This topic seems to  be pretty straight forward it is talking about children, parents, and school. Its an education based topic, it speaks about opportunity and lives. could be referring to giving children better education and more opportunities to succeed in their lives.

Topic 6’s words were jobs, ve, energy, businesses, country, make ,companies, made, business, american. I was confused at first as to what “ve ” was and thought that there might  be something wrong with my data set but when I checked the text files the word “ve” did not appear.  I then realized that the computer was recognizing the contracted words are two separate words, we’ve was “we” and “ve”,  they’ve was “they” and “ve”, and so on. I decided to treat “ve” as “have”. Have did not end up being very important in figuring out the the topic though.  I can tell this topic is about business in the the country , energy and business, creating new jobs in america. The topic could be able creating new jobs in america through energy based businesses.

Topic 7’s words are people work year care time families give working government jobs. They seem to be talking about work and the government providing jobs for families. Topic 8’s words are applause american great tonight country time united congress decades states. This one is a topic that pertains to just recognizing how great america is so lets give it up for america. This would explain why “applause” is one of the words that shows up.

Topic 9 is referring to the iraq war. Its words are nation freedom iraq government terrorists terror free fight citizens tax. Its interesting that the word “tax” would be included in this topic, I’d like to know what do taxes have to do with the war, maybe that our taxes are going towards funding the war. Topic 10’s words are america security century americans hope future ve social act continue. This one seems to be all about the future of america and keeping hope and safely for america.

The topics were all more or less what id expect the president to talk about. If you look at the pie chart we can tell which president gave priority to which topics. The funny one I find is Donald trump’s pie chart. He has almost every topic in there.  If you look at his 2017 and 2018 pie charts all the topics with the exception of topic 1, take up as much space in the pie. I wonder what this says about him, is he simply talking about everything and anything.


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  1. I think your corpus provides a great opportunity for topic modeling, since we would expect different politicians to value, and talk about, certain concepts more than others.

    Do you think ten topics was the right amount? Or were there perhaps more ways to split?

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